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Villa Hakuna Matata
     Near by the ocean

(A) book one-or more rooms in our Bed & Breakfast 


(B)Rent Villa Hakuna Matata as a whole.

Then you choose the option rent as a holiday home

  • 4, 5 or 6 (*)bedrooms with a-c

  • 4, 5 or 6 (*) bathrooms; shower, toilet and sink

  • 1 guest-toilet

  • Open kitchen equipped with dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee machine etc...

  • Dining area with seatings for 12

  • a large living room

  • private swimming pool with sunbeds

  • free parking space

  • BBQ

  • Gazebo with covered palm leaf roof provides beautiful ocean views and you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from there

  • Free internet

  • Bedding and towels

  • (*) depending number of persons

Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein Z_3
Villa Hakuna Matata

Villa te Bonaire op steenworp van de zee.

Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein Z_4


Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein Z_1
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein Z_26
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein Z_2
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K1Bkl (1 van 2)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein_1 (1 van 5)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein_1 (3 van 5)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein_1 (4 van 5)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein_1 (5 van 5)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K2B (9 van 10)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K2B (10 van 10)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C_klein 2-2
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K4 (5 van 5)
Hakunamatatabonaire-K4 ( 9)
Hakunamatatabonaire-K4 (9 van 9)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K3 (1 van 6)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C (18 van 19)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_C (15 van 19)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K3 (6 van 6)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_K5-G (5 van 5)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_HL (4 van 4)
Hakuna_Matata_Bonaire_HL (3 van 4)
With pleasure we can arrange extra services for you.
Tell us your wishes and we will do everything possible to achieve.
"Staying in Villa Hakuna Matata.....means no worries.
Just relax and enjoy. Let us take care of you!"
There is NO public Transportation on Bonaire.
Therefore, we advise you to rent a car, scooter or bike for the period of your stay.

Please Make seclection

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