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Rules for traveling to Bonaire:   

Bonaire classifies other countries using a four-level risk assessment:
These are: very low, low, high and very high risk.

Bonaire also distinguishes between fully vaccinated and not (fully) vaccinated travelers.

For the risk-level classification of countries and for information about traveling between to Bonaire please see:


All travelers must complete a Public Health Department health declaration form online between 72 hours and 48 hours before departure. This declaration can be downloaded at:


Finding a test location: 


Bonaire has a PCR test location where you will already have the result within 40 min.  


When you leave for Bonaire, look for speed PCR test and the location where you wish to take it, there are usually several options.  This way you only need to do 1 test. 


In Zaventem 7 /7 result PCR test in 30 min :

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